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Episode 031 - Andrew Millison

The Scale of Permaculture We Need

The scale that permaculture needs to get to get to in order to shift the planetary situation.

Episode 030 - Marisha Auerbach

Growing Urban Food Security the Permaculture Way

This episode explores ways to grow urban food security with permaculture design

Episode 029 - Matt Powers

Permaculture Pandemic Resilience

This episode examines permaculture responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Episode 028 - Ayana Young

Raining Redwoods, Pandemic Peace

Ayana Young shares her planetary perspective on climate change, Redwood forests, and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 027 - Murad Al-kuffash

Permaculture Under Occupation in the Palestinian West Bank

Hear what life is like for a farmer, teacher, and father practicing permaculture under military occupation.

Episode 026 - Raya Cole

Women transforming Rural India with Permaculture

Talk with Raya Cole about her work with permaculture and water harvesting in many villages of rural India.

Episode 025 - Brad Lancaster

Catalyzing Community Water Harvesting

This episode weaves through a number of stories of water harvesting from around the world

Episode 024 - Ridhi D'Cruz

Repairing the City's Social Fabric

In this episode we dive into the social aspects of using design to repair the fragmented social fabric of the urban landscape

Episode 023 - Alan 'Mushroom' Kapular

Weaving the Fabric of Biodiversity Through Plant Breeding

In this episode we dive deeply into the genetic history of life on Earth, and how biodiversity can be encouraged through garden-based plant breeding

Episode 022 - Zachary Weiss

Repairing the Water Cycle for Climate Stability

In this episode, we dive deep into the global water cycle, and how repairing degraded landscapes and increasing water retention can help to stabilize global temperatures. 

Episode 021 - Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski

Global Earth Repair Conference

Permaculture elder shares his vision of a positive world and the upcoming conference May 2-5, 2019.

Episode 020 - Elham Abbadi

Permaculture Village Revival in the World's Most Water Stressed Nation

In this episode we hear firsthand about the ongoing grassroots transformation of a Jordanian village into a resilient food and water secure settlement.

Episode 019 - John D. Liu

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

This episode explores the new mass movement to regenerate the planet with "Ecosystem Restoration Camps", where groups of people set up temporary camps on degraded lands for education and implementation of ecological rehabilitation and permaculture.

Episode 018 - Gregory Landua

Regenerating the Planet with Cryptocurrency

This episode looks at a new economic system being developed using cryptocurrency to promote regenerative agricultural practices

Episode 017 - Dr. Paul Yeboah

Region-wide Permaculture Economic Development

This episode looks at the successful and ongoing story of the Ghana Permaculture Institute and their work in creating region-wide economic development using permaculture strategies.

Episode 016 - Natalie Topa

Permaculture and Resilience in Refugee Settings

Take a hard look at the conditions of refugees and how permaculture is being used to improve their lives in a number of situations.

Episode 015 - Mark lakeman

Riding the Wave of Sea Level Rise

In this episode we dive deep into climate change projections for sea level rise and insightful solutions to this complex problem.

Episode 014 - Erle Rahaman-Noronha

Superstorm Resilience

In this episode we explore the impacts of tropical superstorms and the permaculture design strategies for mitigating their effects

Episode 013 - Aaron Justice Tsatsaku

The Moringa Tree and Ghana's Malnutrition Solutions

Hear about Permaculture in rural Ghana and the miracle tree that is improving soil and health.

Episode 012 - Tom Ward aka Hazel

Permaculture Perspectives on Wildfire

How to manage forests in the age of climate change and mega wild fires.

Episode 011 - Linnia Hawkins

Forecasting Your New Climate

Explore the current state of climate science and how the common person goes about forecasting the changes likely to occur in their area.

Episode 010 - Dave Boehnlein

Permaculture Tools for Climate Change Design

In this episode we explore the climatic design tools used by Dave's Permaculture design firm, Terra-Phoenix.

Episode 009 - Narsanna and Padma Koppula

India's Permaculture Stewards

In this episode we hear from the husband and wife team who have grounded Permaculture in India for the last 30 years. We discuss the history, impacts and challenges of Permaculture in modern India.

Episode 008 - Rhamis Kent

Land Degradation and the Roots of ISIS

In this episode we explore the role that land degradation plays in the destabilization of societies, and how it has been a component in the rise of religious fundamentalism and terrorism.

Episode 007 - Rico Zook

Permaculture and India's 400 Million Farmers

Hear Rico's unique perspective on India as an outsider who has worn a path through nearly every corner of the vast nation as a teacher and designer, and deeply observed the ways of life from the Permaculture perspective.

Episode 006 - Pandora Thomas

Building the Garden of Social Relationships

Pandora talks about Social Permaculture and how to cultivate the ecosystem of social connections and potentials in a system. Her work includes transitioning people coming out of prison back into society.

EPISODE 005 - Jessi Bloom

Thriving in the Business of Earth Repair

Hear Jessi's story of how she built her successful 18-year-old Permaculture landscaping company and receive sage  advice for people who want to earn their livelihood doing beneficial work for the planet.

EPISODE 004 - Don Tipping

Organic Seed Farming and the GMO Struggle

Don talks about his legal battles against GMO pollen contamination, his amazing Permaculture farm, reaching out to the next generation of young farmers, agriculture in the age of climate change, and much much more!

EPISODE 003 - Tao Orion

New Ecosystems in a Hotter World

Tao talks about her book "Beyond the War on Invasive Species" and what a new paradigm of land management for novel ecosystems in a changing climate looks like.

EPISODE 002 - Neal Spackman

How to Make it Rain in the Desert

Neal talks about his work on large scale reforestation on the Arabian Peninsula with the Al Baydha project, and how to increase rainfall using in desert environments.

EPISODE 001 - Rhamis Kent

Permaculture's Solution to the Refugee Crises

Rhamis takes us on a journey through his Permaculture work in Somalia, Tunisia, Yemen, and other desertified landscapes, connecting conditions of land degradation to refugees and global insecurity.

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Earth Repair Radio tells stories of land regeneration and the people who are striving to create a better life for all. Through the lens of Permaculture, we promote a future where humanity lives in harmony with Earth's natural systems.

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